About My Hair Style Blog

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As we have entered the new year, we have seen some major changes when it comes to hair styles and other techniques. 2016 has brought us all that is coloring, and different coloring techniques that really push the limit of our hair Whether t be pastels or something a little more bold. 2016 also brought back the bob, and not just your…

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Coping With Hair Loss? There Are Solutions!

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Hair on the body comes in great numbers and every strand undergoes changes, growth and death. The lifespan of every hair strand is four to five years, after which time they die and fall away. Because of this, every individual sheds approximately 100 strands of hair everyday.

However, there are instances when a person sheds a lot more hair than…

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Natural Eyebrows via Eyebrow Transplants

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The eyebrow is a defining feature that sets the frame of the face. Trends in woman’s beauty and desired eyebrow shaped have changed from thin, over-plucked to thicker fuller brows. Many people are looking toward eyebrow transplants to achieve the new desired look. Eyebrow transplants can help fill in bald or sparse spots left by chronic over-plucking or genetics, and…

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